Range of ECO / PTL System Displays

Efficient distribution picking system.

A tailor-made solution to maximize efficiency.

ECO PTL System has a wide range of displays and a simple and connectable interface with any ERP system and databases. It's great compatibility, quick installation and ease of use make order preparation more efficient and agile, minimizing errors and saving time.

Tailor-made developments

Our systems can be adapted to the specific needs of each client. Tailor-made products can be offered according to the characteristics of the warehouses thanks to the great experience and specialization of V10.

Own brand

The displays are marketed as own brand, so there is absolute freedom to customize them.

It is possible to characterize them with the brand kits of each client, so that they can be identified with their company.

ECO Modules

Increase the speed of order picking and reduce the number of errors.

With our three models of order picking displays, ECO-LB, ECO-UBICATION and ECO-UBICATION 2G, it is possible to increase the speed of pick and put to light and reduce errors in order picking.

ECO Controller

Ethernet I/O port interface that communicates ECO PICK TO LIGHT SYSTEMs with any software with Ethernet communications capability.