GLT Warehouse Management Software

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The precision of technology for optimal warehouse management.

A technological brain that integrates the entire supply chain.

The WMS is the brain of our supply chain. Thanks to it, we can control our warehouse 100% and thus optimize all its processes. No part is left behind, from scheduling to intralogistics organization and after-sales service.

Our Warehouse Management System simplifies, optimizes, brings consistency and functionality to the entire supply chain. It has everything you need to improve the efficiency of your business to meet your customers' needs. 

Features of our GLT software

State-of-the-art technology to improve the functionalities of a classic WMS.

It integrates the logistics chain 100%, uniting all functional areas.

Real-time, active management of the flow of materials.

Physical traceability and information system.

Customisable, according to the company's management needs.

Scalable and adaptable to future circumstances, such as extensions and reorientations.

Connectable to any corporate ERP