LCT Logistics System for Clinical Trials

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A sophisticated clinical trial management system.

The best partner at national and international level.

In response to market demand, we have designed and developed innovative software for the management of clinical trials. Our LCT software meets all the stringent FDA and 21 CFR requirements. This makes it a perfect partner for national and international processes.

And we have done it very well, because we are one of the leading logistics companies in the market and we specialize in designing and implementing WMS technology solutions that improve our customers' logistics management.

Features of our LCT software

Specific product management system for Clinical Trials.

Batch traceability and information system.

Meets FDA and 21 CFR part 11 requirements.

Controls the flow of clinical trial materials to 100% quality assurance.

A single platform for the logistics, packaging and document management of clinical trials.

Suitable for the management of national and international clinical trials.