Pick & Put to light Systems

Digitize the preparation of your orders.

What is Pick to light?

It is a paperless order picking system. To operate, it only needs a display and a backlit confirmation button. In addition, it interacts with the physical devices in the warehouse, managing the movements to be carried out.

The system guides operators through aisles and shelves so that they can locate the goods to be picked in the shortest possible time. The display shows the quantity of items to be picked and, once each movement has been carried out, the validation button is pressed to confirm that the goods have been picked.

What is Put to light?

It is similar to pick to light, as it also uses a display and a confirmation button. The difference is that the system guides the operators to the place where they must deposit (not extract) the items in the quantity indicated on the display.

Benefits of Systems

Increased picking productivity.

High precision.

Paperless order picking (picking list).

Reduced employee training time.

Optimisation of batches and groups.

Reduced order cycle time (Order Cycle Time).

Integration with any modern ERP.