Vertis Returns Management Software

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Efficient reverse logistics management software.

The most efficient and innovative return process manager.

Compatible with any ERP, Vertis software is unique and efficient. It has been exclusively designed by our team of engineers and developed specifically to facilitate the classification and registration of products in returns.

Vertis manages the return processes of excess inventory, customer returns, obsolete products and seasonal inventories. In addition, this management software is easy and efficient to use via touch screen, 2D reader and printing of identification labels.

Features of our Vertis Software

Connects to any ERP.

It has an effective physical traceability and information system to manage the different causes of returned goods: expired, deteriorated, incomplete, commercial obsolete not expired, shipping errors.

Manages the return of goods by controlling quality status and identification with barcode labels: pending classification, destruction, in the process of verification, etc.

It standardizes, rationalizes, reduces and facilitates all rework of returned goods.