Voice Picking

Discover the advantages of voice picking during order picking.

The most user friendly solution that will minimize costs and time.

It is a system based on sending instructions via a radio terminal. They reach the operator through headphones, so he/she has manual freedom to handle the goods and, once the tasks have been carried out, he/she notifies the operator with a microphone integrated in the terminal.

Thanks to voice picking , the efficiency and productivity of any distribution center can be increased by reducing costs and saving time. In addition, it uses user-friendly technology that facilitates employee training.

Features of the Voice Picking

Replaces obsolete technologies (such as paper or screens) in order picking.

Increases productivity by up to 35% compared to conventional methods.

Software compatible with Android and Windows.

Freedom of movement for operators. Orders come through headphones and are confirmed by microphone.

Reduced employee training time.

Integration with any modern ERP.